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Meet Natalie

Bring your authentic self, follow what lights you up is the recipe to success, without compromising your personal time or wellbeing

Natalie Marie Mizuik

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I am a Mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an employee, an entrepreneur, a coach.


I am a creator, a generator, a traveller, an adventurer.


I am kind, ambitious, tenacious, intuitive, inclusive.

I give and I take. I have stepped up and I have looked the other way. I have grafted and I have procrastinated. I have been celebrated and I have been overlooked.


I learn, I grow and I move forward. I am an inspiration, just like you.


I have a passion for helping people unlock their talent and potential to identify their most authentic selves and achieve the success and fulfilment that they never imagined possible. Whether it’s transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, changing professional direction, or elevating your current career and personal or business performance.


My passion is underpinned by a long-term personal experience of coaching and 15+ years working as a Human Resources (H.R.) leader, driving high impact people outcomes and leadership development within global tech corporations and growing start-ups. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with many inspiring and influential leaders. I've also worked with many whose style could be considered archaic in today's human-centric, employee, and client-led world of business. I believe Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) is the most important skill required to help a person succeed in the current world and is what sets apart a truly effective leader from their peers and competition.


At a surface level I have been involved with coaching for more than 10 years. I have trained leaders to be better coaches and people managers and founded a social enterprise to support new mothers as they return to work or transition their careers. When coaching started to positively impact me on a much deeper level, I didn’t think twice about the commitment required to study for a Personal Performance Coaching Diploma. Over 2 years and while juggling home schooling and full time work throughout the pandemic, I worked on my coaching diploma, but it didn’t stop there – I went on to become an N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and a Wellbeing Coach under Dawn Breslin’s Harmonizing program. The combination of my practical training with my natural skills (intuition, empathy, connection & strategy) creates something quite magical when paired with the drive and ambition of a client.


15 years as a global leader within H.R., specializing in leadership development, Emotional Intelligence (E.I.), inclusion, well-being, and peak performance, has driven my passion to help others identify their potential, live with balance and fulfilment while achieving success and core happiness. My own journey has seen me go from not having the confidence to speak at my best friend’s wedding to enjoying public speaking, delivering training, and facilitating group workshops with passion and purpose.


Ultimately, it’s my purpose to help individuals transform their lives for unlimited success, reward and fulfilment. My 4- step Congruency Framework ensures that what you do, say, think and feel are in alignment so that you can progress in a balanced life, with a winning mindset and personal authenticity to create abundant success and a legacy to be proud of. My coaching philosophy is client-centred and pragmatic. I place high importance on being authentic, creating rapport and empathy with my clients. Throughout our time together I will be your guide, your challenger and your biggest cheerleader.

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